Friday, April 1, 2011


I read an article a couple weeks ago in a reputable magazine (okay, it was Rachel Ray) about couples in the kitchen. It said couples that cook and prepare meals together are something like 80% more likely to view their relationship in a positive manner and rate their relationship highly or something. (you can tell i paid close attention) I am not really sure how those statistics work, or how they were derived. But I did get this from it: Cooking together is good for your relationship. I read the article to Z at the time, and he just rolled his eyes.
But the more i think about it, the more i agree with it. I think it could be very productive for us in several ways.
First, Z is picky. We don't skirt the issue anymore, we just call it like it is. He is a pain in the butt to feed. However, he tends to do better if he sees something being prepared. He likes to know EVERYTHING that goes in a dish, so there are no surprises and he is fully informed of problem areas. I have tried to hide veggies and whatnot a la Jessica Seinfeld, but he demands to know everything in a dish before he eats it, and will not even try the offending dish if it has green stuff lurking about. So you can see how having him in the kitchen  as the meal is being prepared would be beneficial. Less recipe monologue and debate across the table about whether or not a meal is 'Zacahry Kosher' would be awesome.
Second... we have limited time together. It is sad but true. Our work schedules are pretty much opposite so the precious hour or two we have together each day I want to make the most of. It's frustrating to me to be stuck in the kitchen by myself making food when I could be spending that time with my husband. If Z were there working with me, we would not only have that time to spend together but food prep itself would go faster, allowing us more 'free time' together.
And last... we need to hone our skills. Z doesn't have much experience in the kitchen. But I do. I love to cook. I love teaching people new things. At some point in his life Z might need to know how to make more than Lipton Sides Microwaveable Rice Packets. He has already learned the fine art of grilled cheese, and boiling pasta. It can only be beneficial to him to gain more skill and expand his cooking horizons. It's fun for me to teach him new things...
And I really like working side by side with my husband. It makes me feel really good. And supported and valued. And happy.
Last night Z made us dinner. Okay... he dumped the frozen contents of a bag in a dish and threw it in the oven while I made garlic knots (that i burned, HA!) but it was pretty good. Not only did I enjoy not being solely responsible for the meal, but I enjoyed the time with my husband. Also he was extra loving last night... and I am not sure if that was a product of the situation or just a coincidence, but either way I call it a win.
I don't really have him entirely convinced of the cooking together thing... but I'll keep working on it. I want to be one of those 80% couples from the RR magazine. Or something.

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