Monday, April 18, 2011


Z got the job.
Well, unofficially right now.
I say unofficially because they told him he has the job, but they haven't given him the offer letter yet. But he did have to go in to pee in a cup for a drug test. But he doesn't know when his official start date is for the the new job and more hours and more pay. But he did for sure get the job.
Which is awesome.
Just really awesome.
Awesome timing.
Too awesome to be coincidence only.
Thank you to everyone who has been praying for us over the past month (or months) about this job. This means good things for our family. We feel blessed.

Other good news in the Job front: Our friend Donnie was offered a position with TFA last week. Z's dad found out that his teaching position is secure for next year. My BFF Becca was offered a shiny new position at a new company after being laid of over a month ago!
Good news for all our friends and family in job limbo. God is taking care of us. We are blessed.


Courtney said...

Big congrats to Zach! I know you were both really worried so I'm sure this is a HUGE weight off your shoulders. :)

XOXO Dr. Kay Elizabeth said...

That is AWESOMENESS and so AMAZING!!!! God bless you all.

ztoamom said...

Many congratulations to you. Wonderful news.

Donnie said...

Really, really, glad Zach will be making more money and working more hours.
Being a swing driver will be difficult, but Zach has got the "it" needed to be a good swing.

I was so pumped when Zach texted me to say he had the job!