Friday, April 8, 2011


I heart sonic ice. Those little crumbly ice pellets are amazing for crunching.
I like getting sonic when Z is not around so I can crunch amazing crumbly ice pellets without his eye of judgement upon me.

Waiting game today. Z filled out all the stuff. Has gotten some positive feedback... but now we just wait to see if they offer him the job. Obviously, we believe he is the best candidate for the job. If you are reading this, please say a quick prayer that the sr. managers also believe him to be the best candidate for the job! ;) we are hopeful that he could receive the offer as early as this evening.

Remember how i love tracking packages? I've been tracking my easter shoes and they arrived today ahead of schedule. Yay. I can't wait to try them on with my dress...
Oh, the dress. I am dying to finish it! It just seems like sewing goes a lot slower than i usually intend for it to... but i think tonight will be the night. It's a friday so i can stay up til the break of dawn.
Also I may have ordered a vintage buckle for the dress today. It's pink. Like my shoes.
Actually my shoes are 'blush'.
Yeah. They are that uptight.
I have a friend who is a photographer I asked to do a 'fashion shoot' for me once it is complete. We might do an exchange of goods and services... I want a photographer and she wants easter accesories for her family... hmmm...
I might make a pillbox hat with russian netting to style it for the fashion shoot.
I think I will at least make a lovely easter bouquet of pink tulips.
Blush tulips.

Are you excited for Easter?!?!?! Easter is my favorite thing all year, I think. Rightfully so. I have been enjoying the Lenten season.  Is one supposed to enjoy Lent? What with the preparation and self-denial? Or whatever. I have been enjoying it. Lent brought about some intentional and positive changes in my life. Cool. EASTER is coming!!! Best day of the year! Are you ready?

Z took me out for icecream last night. Icecream at HIS suggestion! Can you even believe it? He loves me so much. I love ice cream so much.
I also love Z so much.
I really hope he gets this job.

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