Friday, April 22, 2011

I should...

...clean my house.
After all, the renovations are finally done, the plumbers, tilers, and sheetrockers have all left. The bathroom is whole again and the kitchen is holey no longer. But the contents of my pantry are still on my kitchen table. Dishes are everywhere waiting to be washed and put away, and the immense energy required to complete this task has me exhausted just thinking about it.  So I think I shall cease.

...finish my Easter projects.
Remember that dress? Yeah, I got mad about the fit and tore the bodice apart and haven't made time to put it back together yet. (I almost said haven't HAD time, but the truth is I have the time if i choose to.) Also I am making some Easter accessories for a friend and we are getting down to the wire and I cannot for the life of me make a hairbow  I am content with. They all look too... something. Anyway. I need to get those done and delivered, like, now. some laundry.
Let's not lie when it's just us: We all wear our jeans four or five times without washing them as long as we don't spill something gross on them and they don't smell, right? I can smell the jeans I have on. They smell like dirt, and the 1400 dogs I have rubbing against my legs every day. Gross. I have been grossed out by it all day. (I didn't realize I smelled gross til i was in the car on the way to work.  I shower. Really.) Apparently not grossed out enough to take them off and wash them because I am lounging and blogging and not doing laundry.

...walk the dogs.
Or do something active. But I SO enjoy veg time after work. I know you think my job is not strenuous, why do I need veg time? Your job is strenuous and then you have to come home and be a full time parent and you don't get veg time. And it's not fair. So why do I need veg time? Let me tell you a secret of the universe that you must embrace and internalize and understand or you will live a sad frustrated existence: (are you ready? Here it is: ) Life isn't fair.
Ohhhhhhh... so do you understand now?

....say something profound about the day.
It's Good Friday. It's almost Easter. I have been bouncing off the padded walls for weeks in my excitement for this weekend. I have worked myself into a feverish craze of business and preparation and excitement and I am exhausted now. I am still exhausted. But i feel like i should say something in regard to the significance of this day... and I don't know what to say. Other than this: (that i just thought of) Today's exhaustion, frustration, confusion, pain, heartache, suffering, evil and death... is not the end. Today is not the end of the story.
And that's all.

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ztoamom said...

ah, you sweetly honest girl. I like you a lot. Veg out. Life is unfair and short and changing. Be here now. I wear my jeans easily 4-5 times. You speak much truth. Short sentences are all I got, apparently.