Monday, July 11, 2011

About Z

Last night my husband refused to run to the convenience store for ice and milk at 11:30, so I told him he obviously wasn't ready to be a father, and made a big dramatic deal about putting on my flippy-flops, and getting my keys... to haul my pregnant self to the convenience store for these essentials. Apparently that's when the guilt hit him (and not a moment too soon, if you ask me) and he said he wasn't going to let poor little pathetic pregnant (gah, alliteration) me go out alone at 11:30.
When we got home I was happily sipping my iced beverage and hopped on face book and started typing away... and Z started to freak--
Are you writing about me? What are you saying about me? Please don't write anything about me...
Poor Z. The only time I ever talk about him on my blog or on facebook is when I am making fun of him.

He really is not an idiot, nor is he a bad person, or lazy, or thoughtless, or projected to be a poor father to his as of yet unborn child. We have a good friend who always says that Z is probably the nicest, most easy-going person he's ever met, which is what makes him such a good target for giving him a hard time. You know he will just take it in stride, or laugh along with you, or whatever.
But he's right-- he gets a bad rap from my sarcasm, need for attention, and constant quest for a good story. But I need to set the record straight.

Zachary is a good guy.
I would go so far as to say a GREAT guy.
He is kind, level-headed, and patient as crap (I mean, he would have to be putting up with my antics and compulsiveness, right?)
He is a hard worker, a good friend, and a loving husband. He will listen and take criticism. He loves a good debate, will respectfully consider and discuss any topic, and has a way of graciously asserting his opinions while diffusing tension and anger in heated arguments-- but he always treats others as intellectual equals, never condescending. And while he can 'agree to disagree' on most topics he has what I can only describe as this sense of urgency and necessity to share with people the truth he knows, and to make right the wrongs he sees around him. I admire these things about him so much.

As intellectual and smarty-pants as he is... he also knows how to relax and have fun. He makes me laugh, and helps me not take things so seriously. He encourages me relax and take naps. He has greatly expanded my taste in movies. He is a perfect balance to my craziness. He takes good care of me, and our little dogs, and our little Baby P.
He will be a great daddy-- I get all misty just thinking of him with our little one. I love that picture so much already.

So I know... that I give him a hard time, and I make him sound silly, or simple, or thoughtless. But maybe it's just because he's the nicest guy I know, and that makes him an easy target?
In the future, if you ever start to think of him as anything less, you can just refer yourself back to this post to remember that he's a great guy who just happens to have a spastic wife who likes a good story. :)

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