Monday, July 25, 2011

Nursery Prep To Do List

1. Clean out basement to make space for 'guest bedroom'
2. Move guest bed to basement
3. Remove all clothes and items from guest bedroom closet and dresser
4. Sand and paint all furniture for nursery.
5. Line all drawers
6. Assemble Crib
7. Build more shelving in nursery closet
8. Paint nursery
9. Select and purchase rug for nursery
10. Select and purchase rocker/glider/chair for nursery
11. Select and purchase fabric/linens for nursery
12. Sew curtains for window and closet 'door'
13. Sew bedding, baby quilt
14. Decide on other decor/accesories to purchase/make/register for
15. Hang all pictures/artwork/shelving, Move in all clothing and care items, put all toys and other personal items in place.
16. Show Baby P his new room!

WHEW! It looks like we have a lot to do... until I tell you that items 1 and 2 were completed this weekend. Then you are like... "Oh! Well then, you... still have a lot to do."
Sigh. I know. It's daunting. Items number 3 and 4 start tonight...
We have until December. And even then I hear infants don't complain TOO much about incomplete nurseries as long as it's, you know, safe and whatnot.
We'll take out the paint cans and cover any exposed wiring by December, okay? Cool.
And... GO!

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