Thursday, July 14, 2011


(Before Baby Arrives Bucket List)
Aside from the obvious baby preparations, these are some things around my house and around my life that I want to accomplish before Baby P arrives:

1. Purchase prints of engagement and wedding photos and hang in house.
2. Re-paint that chunk of red wall in the kitchen that never got hit after the bathroom remodel.
3. Train dogs to stay off furniture.
4. Create Recipe Book of Z approved meals for easy access.
5. Replace grungy, stinky living room rug.
6. Finish upholstering zebra chair.
7. Teach Z to make a few simple meals.
8. Romantic getaway with Z.
9. Get my keyboard from parent's attic and set up/accessible in my house -- play piano or sing a little bit at least a couple times a week.
10. Tame the paper monster in the office/basement, get a filing system in place for important documents and bills.
11. Sort through clothes and shoes and get rid of torn, faded, stained, and too small stuff I don't wear anymore.
12. Do more reading for fun -- I'll give myself a goal of completing at least 2 more novels before Dec. (Don't judge, I am a ridiculously slow reader!)
13. Invite friends and family over for dinner... dessert... or even just coffee at our house so I can participate in that oh-so-fulfilling practice of hospitality.
14. Complete Christmas shopping (it'll have to be done early this year).
15. Memorize Scripture passage (was supposed to be my summer project, opps.)
16. Actually SEND the gifts I made for friends MONTHS ago.

Anything else I need to add?
Check in with me occasionally... ask me how I am doing on my BBABL if you see me. :)


Fruit Fly said...

Well you've already worn me out with this list! The dog training one ... if you figure that out, let us know! As it is now, my dog pretty much thinks that MY comfy recliner is hers!

Donnie Miller said...

Hey, how great to read something good about Zach on your blog :)

But really, you shouldn't exagerate.