Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Guess what? In (possibly less than) two months we are going to be first time parents! Holy cow!
You may have noticed the blog has been a little more silent than usual recently... that's because it seems every waking second is consumed with preparation for this kiddo coming. Which is a good thing...
But would you believe we are still feeling a little overwhelmed???
I know, I know... We are like, the first parents ever to be terrified and/or overwhelmed by impending parenthood.
Anyway, to help ease our worries and trepidation, I have been readying myself with lots of reading and research on various baby and parenting topics... and I have enrolled us in about 10 different education courses offered by a local hospital.
Okay, not 10.
But whatever.
(Yes, I enrolled us in a class called: Baby 101)
I know veteran parents are shaking heads in amusement at my frantic preparation, but I know shockingly little about children and childcare and what the crap I am actually supposed to DO with the kid when I bring him home. While I know the classes I signed us up for won't be all-encompassing, I am hoping they can at least give us a base of reference... and from there we are sane, logical people who can mostly figure it out, right? Here's hoping that assumption is true.
So in the next couple months, if we seem a little extra busy and unavailable for social interaction-- please don't take it personally. Know that we are filling our little heads with lots of baby knowledge so that hopefully in 2-ish months when Baby P gets here we don't screw him up too much. (Fingers crossed!)

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Fruit Fly said...

Well good luck and have fun in those classes! As a non-parent I am completely clueless about all things children... I'd probably sign up for a bunch of courses, too!