Sunday, November 20, 2011

"For unto us a child is born!"

We took an 8 hr marathon childbirth class yesterday. We couldn't sign up for the class series because Z works evenings, so our only option was an all day Saturday class. Overall, it wasn't terrible. The instructor kept things fast paced and we got frequent breaks so it didn't feel overwhelming. The worst part was the videos (saw way more vag yesterday than I ever thought I would in my lifetime) but that was to be expected I guess.
In the end I came away more informed and a little more comfortable with how the whole process is going to go. So I think it was worth the $70 and giving up a full Saturday (despite the scary vag videos).
Z learned something too.
As we were leaving i asked him what he thought was the most valuable thing he learned from the class. He said: "If you go into labor at night, you can't wake me up"
Which is... true. I mean the instructor DID say if you are in early stages of labor in the middle of the night, try to rest and let your birth partner rest for as long as possible. I do find it interesting that he singled this comment out as the most important thing from the whole class. Hmmm... priorities, Z.

Last night when we were sitting around watching TV after the class Z asked me what music I would put on a play list to take to the hospital with me. After considering briefly I said-- OOH! Christmas music!
And Z gave me an irritated look. "Not ALL Christmas music... lets make a long play list and you can mix it in here and there" he said.
"Okay, but mostly Christmas..." I said.
And Z groaned.
Because he knows his wife. And he knows that to me 'Christmas music' is NOT Bing Crosby or Here comes Santa Claus, or even a tasteful O Holy Night. To me Christmas Music is Handel's Messiah. And I sing along. And so does each member of my family in their respective part. And my family will probably be around some (maybe most?) of my labor.
But you can't tell me we will be the first family to have a Do It Yourself Messiah in L&D.
Or maybe we will, but what the heck.
Distraction, relaxation, breathing... I tell you what, an oratorio has it all for me. Mind if I melisma through this next contraction?

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