Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Need a little Christmas?

Surely you've heard the Chirstmas song "We need a little Christmas". You may not know all the words, but you could probably hum a few bars, right?

(I'm not a huge Glee fan, but this song from MAME the 1970-something movie involved Lucille Ball singing and a scary as crap santa mask that I won't subject you to. You're welcome.)
The song is actually from the musical Mame, and in the context of the story takes place one week before Thanksgiving when everyone is broke and downtrodden and in need of some distraction and celebration in the midst of their anxiety and hard times.  So they counter that by decorating their home and giving everyone's Christmas gifts early!
My husband is a strict "NO CHRISTMAS UNTIL DECEMBER" type scrooge. He last night was preaching some blah-blah about how decorating and celebrating before thanksgiving waters down the holiday, makes things less meaningful, and doesn't give Thanksgiving a fair chance... I don't know when he became the "Spirit of Thanksgiving" Police... but as far as I can tell his previous thoughts on the subject have been as follows: Thanksgiving, I get to sleep in and get a day off work before peak season begins. Yay. Oh, and also I have to eat stuff my wife makes. Meh.
Spirit of Thanksgiving. I can see why he might be concerned about that being brushed over and watered down. (rolls eyes)
Look, I am generally on board with the wait 'til after thanksgiving to put up your Christmas decor crowd. Really, I am. Thats how my family always did it, I'm at peace with it normally. But this year is not normal.
This year I am 9 months pregnant.
I have more or less completed the nursery. I am anxious and uncomfortable and in need of distraction... but mostly in need of something to DO so I don't sit at home and obsess over every tiny hiccup coming from my overly large belly. I want to decorate and prepare for Christmas NOW.
I have wanted to for several weeks, and Mr. Spirit of Thanksgiving is all no, no, NO.
But I NEED this. I need something to do and something to distract and something to make me feel warm and fuzzy and celebratory... so it can choke out the feelings of panic and anxiety and impatience. I need a little Christmas now!
Last weekend while Z was blissfully sleeping in, the peanut in my belly woke me up at 7:00 and I couldn't go back to sleep... so I went downstairs, moved some boxes around, and hauled out the Christmas tree. I told Z what I had done after he woke up and he didn't believe me until he went downstairs... NO. He said. No tree until after thanksgiving! But it's already out and ready to go, and it makes no sense to just leave it in a box. I want it out and sparkling in my living room! And since the tree, garlands, and wreaths are all in the same box, it only makes sense to get those out as well, before putting the box away. He said to me the other day, Why do I get the feeling I am going to come home to a decorated house some day this week?
I don't know, Z? Maybe because this is what your wife NEEEEEEEEDS right now.
I need a little Christmas.
Just a little bit.
So I am taking a cue from Mame. We may be rushing things but... deck the halls again now!

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Amy said...

I'll come help you decorate. It won't go up until Friday in my house, but I have no problem decorating other people's houses. :-)