Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Church weddings are for rich grumpy people

Will someone please explain to me why churches are so expensive? And why they have so many rules about who and how and when you can get married there? For real. the majority of churches in the area want to charge me 500-1000 to use their facilities for a couple hours on a saturday afternoon. And included in that $1000 is someone who tells me when i can get married, how I can get married, who can officially marry me, what I am going to look like, who can take pictures of my wedding, and i am pretty sure they have a stop-watch running just to make sure I don't go over my allotted time. FOR REAL people. Your building is not that special. I'm sorry-- did Jesus personally roll around on your bricks and you are afraid we might rub all the Jesus off if we are in there too long?
It's.... a wedding. A sacred ceremony recognized by the christian church, and yet I am being treated as a heathen intent upon destroying their facilities and inconveniencing or disrupting their church schedule. I am a member of an AWESOME church... my deepest apologies for being a member of one that doesn't actually own bricks, but please understand my request to borrow yours for a wedding was by no means done as a personal attack toward you or any of your church's members or belongings.
And with that... I think I am over the idea of getting married in a church. Not because I don't like churches, I just don't like church people.

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