Wednesday, September 2, 2009

For Now

There is a song from the musical Avenue Q called "For Now". I was thinking about it today, as I am faced with some kind of life-altering kinds of decisions... and as a whole I agree with the theory of this song. There is one line from it that I disagree with, after listing many many things that are only 'for now' the last line of the song claims: Except for death and paying taxes everything in life is only for now. Meh. Okay, taxes will always be there, and you mostly can't get out of them unless you want to suffer some consequences... and well, death is a more or less permanant state, unless you are Jesus or Lazarus (or that fish I had in college) which the majority of us are not. I think if I had to write my version of that song mine would say: Except for tattoos and marriage, everything in life is only for now. Some people might argue the latter with me, but when you really really think about... yeah marriage is always permanent... and Tats you are stuck with. So there you go. Those are my two things that aren't 'for now'. (so if you are keeping track I am stuck with a Zachary and a pretty sweet cross tat on my side.)
But I digress. The original thought of this post was my consideration of things in my life that i feel are permanent but definitely are not. As I am making some life-altering type decisions I am reminding myself right now that most of the things i worry over are only for now. That a year from now things could change (will change). Which... feels scary but really comforting all at the same time. Sooooo... deep breath. A year from now we will re-assess and make the changes necessary, but for now... lets make some decisions. After all, it's only just for now, right?

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