Thursday, June 24, 2010

Breaking habits

I was complaining to Z the other day about how yucky and broken out my skin is all the time... and I can't seem to stop it no matter how many miracle products I use 3 times a day. He just said-- maybe it's because you touch your face all the time and dirt and oil from your hands breaks you out.
Huh? I don't touch my face all the--
Yes. You do.
Well I shrugged him off, he is a boy. What does he know about skin care?
But it stuck in my mind and I started noticing each time I have touched my face the last several days. Promise you won't tell Z this-- but he's right! I do touch my face (chin, cheeks, mouth) almost constantly. UGH.
So I am trying to break myself of this habit now, and it is not at all easy. My hands automatically go up there... or I rest my chin on my hand when reading... or I have a phone pressed to my face... it's really difficult to stop it!
And I know at least one person is going to read this and recommend also that I should wash my hands more often as well-- already been on top of that one for years-- germ-a-phobe who works around little kids. I go through more soap and hand sanitizer than anyone I know.
How do you break a 25 yr old habit of constantly touching your face???

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