Friday, June 18, 2010

Married life

Married life suits me, according to one of my co-workers who also commented that I have been 'fluttering about with new light and happiness' the past few weeks. Which was really ironic this morning when she told me because Z and I got in a bit of a tiff this morning... and I was anything but 'fluttery' today.
Regardless, on the whole, I would say I have to agree. I like walking into my own home and greeting my excitable dogs and kissing my husband, and I even like making him bland dinners and rubbing his shoulders when he watches TV. I like that it is so not the exciting glamorous life I always dreamed of but it's a happy comfortable routine that we are cozy-ing into. It's not the spectacular big events, but the small daily happenings of our life that excite me right now. Ah, Married life...

(Oh, and that tiff this morning... well, neither of us are really fighters so most arguments dissolve quickly, and today was no exception. A quick phonecall at work to apologize and it is behind us now, though it will no doubt spark some conversation over our weekly Friday night pizza tonight. Ah, married life...)

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