Friday, June 11, 2010

Wedding gift survey:

We have so many ridiculously generous friends and family it is not even funny! We were super blessed to be just showered (and drenched!) with gifts of all varieties, shapes, and sizes for our wedding. We cannot do enough to express our gratitude for all the many things our friends and family gave-- beyond tangible objects... time, work, advice, even just a smile and sincere congratulations. It all means so much to us!
However, I have had quite a few people asking us about the 'tangible' gifts we received, so I thought it would be interesting to do a little survey here: (I hope it is not in poor taste to discuss gifts you have received... shrug... I don't know for sure, if you are offended or appalled, my deepest apologies)

  • We spent wedding gift money on: Honeymoon, patio furniture, bedroom furniture, and a Wii.
  • Most creative/interesting gift received: Someone gave us shelves off our registry along with a stud finder tool--Thoughtful! , we also received two scrapbooks and a 'date box' to collect mementos--I like those!
  • Funniest gift received: Tonight/Not Tonight pillows from Z's Aunt... HA!
  • Most sentimental gift received: Tea Cup from Grandma
  • Most surprised to receive: China-- didn't think anyone had a budget to fit my extravagant tastes!
  • Received the most duplicates of: Cake pans! We received 7 round cake pans total! :)
  • Most frequently used wedding gift to date: Round Pizza Pan, (and probably sheet sets/pillows on our bed)
  • On our registry, didn't receive as a gift, first thing we purchased: IRON
  • Gift Z was most excited to use: Digital picture frame, or tools (you know, gadgets)
  • Gift V was most excited to use: Le Creuset dutch oven, or the fat fluffy new towels
  • Favorite wedding gift: HOUSE CLEANING! (sigh, it was pristine and beautiful when we walked into our house on our wedding night. AMAZING.)

You participate in the survey now! Tell me: What were some of your favorite wedding gifts you received... or what is your favorite thing to give as a wedding gift?

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