Tuesday, February 16, 2010

FAT Tuesday

I could be out gorging myself on packzis or any number of deep fried foods and participating in drinking and general merriment. However... I am at home alone covered head to toe (yes, even my ears-- it's not right) with little blisters. Looks like i have chicken pox. UGH. I did hop in my car to procure some frozen custard from Sheridan's (they mercifully have a drive through). The frozen custard is so thick and cold... m'mm... it's just blissful. I plopped on my couch to watch some olympics and men's figure skating is on, and I am just not comfortable with that much sheer, bejeweled, spandex on anyone, much leass scrawny males with bad hair. Plus if I see one more skater fall i am throwing something at the TV. You are at the OLYMPICS for God sake, QUIT FALLING. These skaters suck. Men's figure skating is lame. I'm drowsy and my head is throbbing. I am on some strong steroids that make my skin crawl, and make me super hungry all the time, and a little bit loopy. Plus I want to scratch that part of my back I can't reach and the guy on the tv has that flesh colored mesh stuff on his unitard (yes, i said unitard) and thats just not right. My dog smells bad, I should give him a bath but my head hurts. I think I already said that, but whatever. Fat tuesday sucks. I want donuts.

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