Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Valentine's day

I was rather sick, dehydrated, and delirious by the time Z came over to see me last night, so I know we talked about plans for valentines day, but I just couldn't be sure if he had really suggested what I thought he had... or if it was just my altered state of consciousness. So I asked him again today when I was a little more stable and he confirmed that I had, in fact, heard and remembered correctly.
He suggested that rather than trying to go out into the mess of valentine's day couples and dates, that we could stay home that night, maybe watch a movie and-- wait for it-- he would let me make him dinner! Sooo... you can see why I needed clarification.
If you know us very well, you know that (already) we are constantly fighting about food. Mostly because I love to make it and eat it and talk about it and feed it to other people and he... well, none of the above mentioned activities interest him all that much. And throw in the fact that he's pretty picky about what he will eat, and prefers fast food to just about anything else... we have issues. So his suggestion that I could make a meal for him is a big deal. It is a monumentally gracious sacrifice for him and an extraordinary opportunity for me to perhaps change his misconceptions about non-fast food while doing one of my favorite activities in the whole world.
This is a gift like no other.
And yet-- one that must be handled so delicately, becuase there are so many opportunities for things to end in disaster. I now face the task of putting together a home-made meal that is both tasty and non-offensive to his, er, discerning palate. And he must find a way to put aside his fickle appetite and pre-conceived notions about food, or risk crushing hopes and dreams of his beloved. Yikes.
This is a Valentines day gift of epic proportions! The night will either end with insurmountable tragedy or extraordinary success. Pray (for both our sake) for the latter.
Now, recipe suggestions anyone?

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